Why you need to have a digital conversation with your customer

Brands need to switch from communication to conversation

Based on: Pulse Check 2018 by Accenture Interactive.The survey is based on 8.000 consumers from Europe and North America.

How can brands humanize
the digital experience to achieve an optimal state of a customer conversation
instead of a one-way marketing communication?

The Pulse Check
uncovered what consumers prefer when it comes to personalization, while
answering questions like: How do consumers think businesses are doing when it
comes to personalization? Have consumers’ expectations for personalized
experiences changed? What is the “next evolution” in world-class

The study found that consumers are open to share their personal data in exchange for a better customer experience, but feel businesses need to be transparent about how they collect and use this data (83 %). A main reason for unhappy customers is a breach in trust – of the 27 % who reported that a brand experience was invasive, two-thirds stated it was because information had been used that they didn’t share knowingly, such as a purchase they made from a different business.

The breaking of trust is not the only issue, according to the survey, 41 % of consumers find it creepy when they receive a text from a brand or retailer as they walk by a physical store and 40 % also don´t like when they get a mobile notification after walking into a store. So, what is the golden middle?

Consumers want their favorite brands to design experiences that enable them to buy and consume what they want on their own terms. No overly pushy text but a little hint to a previously mentioned preference.

This expectation can be met by creating a continuous two-way digital dialog that might be similar to a real-life conversation with a sales associate. First-Party Data can be used to build a “living profile” that will allow the customer to own and drive the experience. Those profiles can be used to create experiences based on each customer´s unique preferences, passions and needs. 74 % of the surveyed consumers responded positively and find “living profiles” valuable if they are used to curate the experiences, offers and products they receive.

The way to a happy customer is to create engaging experiences that build trust in the way customer data is used, and that satisfies expectations by empowering consumers to find their own way to purchase. This engaging form of advertising is currently and will be more and more critical going forwards for brand differentiation, otherwise businesses risk offering a commoditized digital experience. Relying on predefined targeting of communications and experiences is no longer sufficient. To be successful, businesses and brands must begin two-way conversations with consumers!

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