Welcome Readers

This is the inaugural post for the official Wagawin Business of Mobile Marketing blog.

We here at Wagawin are working tirelessly to open up new categories of audience insights and interaction data through our proprietary LivingAd technology. We hope this blog can become a platform to showcase the full potential of LivingAds and to demonstrate how agencies and data-driven companies can fully leverage the ROI-enhancing capabilities of LivingAd tech.

This blog will cover topics on a weekly basis, ranging from the latest trends in mobile marketing, the latest events, use cases featuring our latest tech updates, and much more. The reader will be hearing from both our product and marketing teams, as well as our development team, to provide a full picture of the current mobile marketing landscape and how the latest trends in tech are serving to shape it.

We look forward to connecting with you!
— Team Wagawin