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In this use case a client is running a normal branding campaign while collecting first party data that will be unlocked for the same or following campaigns.


Image a client that launches 3 new products A, B and C. He creates a Hot or Not LivingAd where each card advertises one of the products. After establishing a concept with the Wagawin team a strategy is defined in which 3 segments/audiences should be filled with first party data based on the user’s interaction: segments with users that showed interest in product A, B and C respectively. Since the client wants to reach out to those users in follow up campaigns for each product, he decides to store these segments inside the DSP that his media team uses to buy inventory to avoid losing data due to matching rates. The client also uses a DMP for data that other teams such as the social media team can use. Therefore, he creates the same segments/audiences inside the DMP.

Before the start of the campaign the client will send the 3 tracking links for the DSP segments and the 3 tracking links for the DMP segments to the Wagawin team for them to be added to the Hot or Not LivingAd. Once the campaign starts the data is flowing into the segments of the DSP and DMP and can be activated right away. Based on the data the media team of the client is leveraging cross- and upselling across multiple channels to increase the ROI for the campaigns.