Let's talk about LivingAds - The Importance of Audience Data & Insights based on User Engagement

Published on
April 11, 2023

the technical and legal boundaries such as GDPRand the deprecation of 3rd-party-cookies make it way more difficultfor brands and agencies to get a holistic view on their target groups behaviorsand interests. Due to that fact, interest-based targeting gets more and moreunreliable and its impacts even harder to measure.

Gathering real user insights based on userengagements is the best possible source of truth a brand or agency can have. Itis direct information and feedback your target group shares with youvoluntarily – without any GDPR or cookie-topic in between. Being able totransform these “non-personalized” insights into action and performance willestablish as the new golden standard in the future.

Our audience engagement technology called“LivingAds” gets mobile users to engage/interact with ads on the open internet.To do this, we build recognizable engagement elements into existing mobiledisplay and video ads.

Every engagement is processed by our algorithmsin real-time and in compliance with data protection laws, enabling us tooptimize campaigns on the fly with live campaign performance data and userinsights. In short: We unlock actionable audience data and insights from mobileads, which helps boosting and optimizing campaign performance.

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