Interview Marketing Trends Part 2 (TRENDS, UPDATES less than 10 mins)

Published on
April 11, 2023

Give me your  2 - 5 year outlook for digital marketing.

There are so many different topics and trends in digital marketing but there is one thing of which I  think that it will last (this year, next year, in 5 years and in 10 years) – 360-degree personalization. That for me is the ultimate goal in marketing that we may never achieve but we are striving for
What do I mean with personalization? Its quite simple: Always showing the right content with the right image and the right text in the right moment (no matter where) which exactly fits to the individual interests of the respective person
And a lot of topics and trends discussed in our industry are essentially just subtasks of this overarching goal – data collection, data analytics, implementation of a CDP, DMP, user identification through cookies or ad-IDs, proper attribution models and so on and so forth

Let’s go a little more into detail  with 1 year – 2 – 5 (maybe explaining)  

1 year:
CDP adoption
Breaking internal silos
More video (shorter) content
2 year:
Google announced this year that they will not support 3rd party cookies anymore (identifiers)
They postponed it to 2024 due to the fact that there are no alternatives yet
The heated debate isn’t over so I expect that in 2 years we have more visibility and also a proper solution (or at least some ideas)
5 years:
That’s just guessing – but one thing is predictable. Gen Z will take over and marketers need to adapt to their behavior as they will be a significant part of their customer base

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