Interview Marketing Trends Part 1 (EXCLUSIVE just 5 minutes)

Published on
April 11, 2023

Interview with Wagawin CEO and founder Nicolas Leonhardt.
How Digital Marketing Will Change
Marketing Trends That Will Crush It
1) From your perspective, what has been the biggest behavioral change in marketers this past year?

The drastic global acceleration of digital business models.
Nearly all the companies we spoke with, regardless of the industry, increased their investment in digital and technology innovation, reacting and adopting to the global shift in social interaction

2) Did you predict that?

Obviously no
The trend towards a more digitized world wasn’t new at all in 2020
A year ago we didn’t live in the stone age
However, the pace we observed in 2020 definitely exceeded my imagination and I think that this is true for many of us

3) What do you think are the main challenges and opportunities arising from 2020?

Certain industries suffered and certain industries benefited from the drastic change in social life. You could have had the most sophisticated internal and external digital process a year ago but if you were an airline this wouldn’t have earned you any dollar. In contrast, if you started a food-delivery start-up two years ago you may have benefited from the fact that people barely left their homes. But this temporary external effect wont last forever.
We will be back to normality hopefully anytime soon but a certain mind shift will last
And this mind shift affects all businesses regardless of the industry
So no matter if we are talking about the airline, the food-delivery start-up or any other business – they are all facing challenges and opportunities now, arising from the events of last year.
The challenge for marketers in my opinion is that due to the fact that a proper data-driven digital marketing set-up is not only a nice to have anymore but rather a necessity, may wipe them out of the market if they don’t get it right – the competition is becoming bigger and bigger. And in addition to that, the demand for highly skilled digital marketing experts has increased drastically. So even if you want to improve you need to find the right people for your team
But that was just one side of the coin as this is also a big opportunity for those marketers who adapt their strategies to the new circumstances. With all the technologies available out there knowledgeable marketing teams are able to run their activities with unprecedented efficiency.

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