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Why cookieless & privacy first come hand in hand - Part 1

The end of third-party cookies affects the ability of marketers to identify users on websites they don’t own. As a result, ad performance will suffer, prices for ad units will go down and the whole ecosystem must adapt. Learn more on why cookieless & privacy first come hand in hand in our video!

Meet & Greet with our Junior Account Manager UK Kirim

Let's take a look at the Faces of Wagawin - the Wagawinners. 💜 Kirim’s journey at Wagawin began at the beginning of this year 2022. Check it out yourself and see why Kirim loves to be a Wagawinner!

Let's talk about LivingAds - The Importance of Audience Data & Insights based on User Engagement

Marc recently joined Wagawin as our new General Manager Europe. Let's see what his opinion is on the importance of data and insights based on user engagement and how our audience engagement technology can contribute to it!

Contextual Targeting - a privacy friendly Way of finding the right Audience by Keywords and Topics

Prepare for a cookieless world! Contextual targeting is one of many alternatives for data privacy compliant targeting without identifiers. Advertisers are increasing their contextual spend right now as they became more and more relevant. Learn more!

Why is 1st Party Data so powerful?

Audience targeting is the ability to take your full audience of prospective customers, segment it into groups based on different criteria and addressing them on the site or app where they are, independent of context of this specific site or app. Learn more in our video!

Advantages of Audience Targeting

So first, let’s define what targeting actually is: Targeting is the identification and addressing of potential customers with relevant content. Learn more!

A brief Story about Digital Advertising - Part 2

The ad exchange created an opportunity for the buyers and sellers to trade audiences rather than content-centric inventory. Sellers would make certain audiences available on the platform, where buyers could then pick their audience and bid on them in real-time. Learn more in our video!

A brief Story about Digital Advertising - Part 1

The origins of advertising date back in a very distant time. Publicity exists since civilization and commerce origins. This shows that there has always been an obvious need to communicate, and in the beginning, word-of-mouth advertising was the most common. Learn more!

Mobile Landscape in Southeast Asia

It is no doubt that Southeast Asia is the region to watch when it comes to digital advertising and marketing. Indeed, many marketers are seeking to reach out and connect with new audiences in this region. Learn more!

5 Areas of Growth in Digital Marketing

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live. This is especially true in Asia Pacific where most countries are still experiencing some forms of lockdown.As a result, Asians are now spending way more time connected on internet, especially on their phones. Learn more in our video!

Challenges of first party data in APAC (IMPORTANT information in just 3 minutes)

First-party data has become one of the most powerful assets a marketer can have. The savviest marketers are trying to focus on it to drive better efficiency or return on investment. However, changing regulations and policies have impacted the way brands in Asia Pacific can use it. Learn more!

Interview Marketing Trends Part 2 (TRENDS, UPDATES less than 10 mins)

Check out our interview with Wagawin's CEO and founder Nicolas Leonhardt on how digital marketing will change in 2021!

Interview Marketing Trends Part 1 (EXCLUSIVE just 5 minutes)

Check out our interview with Wagawin's CEO and founder Nicolas Leonhardt on how digital marketing will change marketing trends that will crush it.

What are Walled Gardens? (EASY explained in less than 4 mins)

A Walled Garden is a closed ecosystem in which all operations are controlled by the ecosystem operator. It provides its customers with the audience, technology, and inventory and on the other hand keeps technology, information, and user data to itself. Learn more!

Native vs Rich Media Ads EXPLAINED (Just 5 minutes)

Rich media ads can be summarized as a fusion of text, images, audio, video, or other features. From a creative perspective they can be customized very detailed and individually to the needs of advertisers. Learn more in our video!

What you need to know about 1st, 2nd, & 3rd party data (EXPLAINED)

What's the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data?

DMP and CDP fundamentals (LEARN MORE IN just 5 MIN)

DMP vs. CDP explained for digital marketing. How does CDP work with DMP or CDP vs DMP: Insights that every marketer must know.

Programmatic Advertising Basics (EASY EXPLANATION in 3 mins)

Want to learn more about programmatic advertising basics? We explain the programmatic advertising basics in under 4 minutes. This video covers all about programmatic advertising and how it works. It is the perfect introduction to programmatic advertising. What is Programmatic Advertising 101?
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