Ramadan is around the corner – are your ad efforts adjusted to the new normal?

Source: Google Insights 18/19

April has already been a month with religious celebrations all around the globe. From Easter mass to Passover seders, Hindu Rama Navami or Sikh festivities. One of the biggest events is Ramadan which starts April 24th and will be going on for a month. Muslims all over the world participate in this traditional celebration during which they fast from dawn to dusk.

This year will be different in many ways with stay at home orders and self-isolation happening in almost all countries and effecting every aspect of day to day life. Nevertheless, many sectors might still see a huge increase during this period and advertising efforts are more important than ever before.


Last year´s report by Google showed that consumer spending increased by 53% overall during Ramadan. The most popular category is household goods (90%), followed by food, travel and festive gifts. In general searches are as high as those for Black Friday.

The average “watchtime” on YouTube cooking videos is almost 30% higher in the first week and searches for recipes see a spike of 50% than the annual average. This leads to audiences spending longer periods of time on their mobile devices with an increase in organic viewership of advertising content. Another side effect of this is also increased user engagement, for example YouTube saw an increase of 447 % on likes, 228 % on shares and 431% on comments.


With more people being at home and not able to visit their families, brands have to change their communication strategy and focus more than ever on their customer’s needs. Consumers expect brands to innovate and accommodate their needs with fresh offerings, live ads and frictionless online user experiences.

How can consumers be moved and interested when the whole world is in limbo? It´s time to find out what your target group is really interested in, what are their preferences and what do they need to still have a happy and joyous celebration. This is a great opportunity to use interactive mobile ads and also gather consumer data for further marketing activities.

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