Our new LivingAds formats making data collecting even easier

If you´re asking yourself how this is even possible, then this article is for you.

You probably know our formats like the “Hot or Not” or “Pair”, and you might even have been a customer in the past, which leaves you wondering what is so different now. This is understandable as not all changes are visible from the outside looking in.

In the past couple months, we´ve asked our customers – some of the biggest global players in the media industry and diverse brands – where we can improve, and we´ve listened.

Below is a list of these implemented improvements which are available for all future projects:

The improved LivingAds formats have a reduced loading time thanks to an optimized asset weight and HTML structure, as well as a lower difference between multiple tracker. The market standard is up to 15 % discrepancies and Wagawin is at only 5 %. This in turn leads to an overall performance improvement and an improved event tracking system.

We´re also very happy to now offer support for JavaScript tracking for links/pixels, which will be a great difference to previous ads.

The new responsive adaption for every ad container gives the advantage of being mobile web and in-app compatible with less setup effort being required. If you prefer to use our Managed Service you can also look forward to enhanced reporting, which is going to help you to further improve your customer journey. For hyper effective results, all customers are able to customize their LivingAds even further and our great Account Managers are ready to support you in making your future ad ideas a reality.

The new Video Emotion now has 4 instead of the previous 6 emojis to reduce random noise – accidental clicks – which will further improve the clustering of interaction data. This interactive data is used to enable faster segment growth which leads to enhanced personalization of customer journeys and effective advertisement.

The biggest visual change has happened to the Hot or Not format, with new square cards being custom-tailored and a time saver for creative agencies, as this is a common format in the majority of spec portfolios. The new format will also increase visibility in diverse kinds of placements and the interaction feedback for the user is enhanced.

But this isn´t all we have in store; our development team is busy working so be ready for the next couple of changes with news about the Chat and Tree format.

If this sounded interesting but you´re wondering why you haven´t used any of this, contact us at info@wagawin.com and get your own tailored LivingAd up and running.