The future of Programmatic Advertising

Published on
February 17, 2022

Programmatic advertising has become marketers go-to technology for personalized ads, which are primarily fueled by 3rd party cookies. With a shift in consumer privacy preferences the question arises around what the future of programmatic advertising could look like.

According to a recent BCG report, it is essential to evolve the tech and data infrastructure and decrease reliance on third party data. A study conducted by Google revealed that marketers still believe in programmatic advertising and see it as an essential part of future success, 39% even see an increase in spending on this area over the next 12 months. 87% believe that the upcoming privacy changes will make programmatic even better than before and as an opportunity to harness the power of data.

On the opposite side of the coin, 78% of all respondents said that they are already seeing the impact of data transformation today, mostly through challenges in verifying the quality of buys, defining a strategy or reaching the right audience. An astounding 85% responded that they are changing their programmatic advertising tactics because of future privacy changes.

The Google research found four ways how those tactics are changing:

1)Test new data sources. 83% of all asked marketers plan to use or already use 1stparty authenticated user data to identify and measure audiences.

2) Explore new environments. Other marketers signaled that in addition to 1st party data, some of their budget might shift to innovative ad spaces like CTV.

3) Turn to automation and machine learning. Some people in the advertising space might turn to tools from their DSP to help bridge data gaps and ensure smooth deployment of and performance from programmatic campaigns.

4) Invest in new skills. 84% responded that they would hire for new skill sets like data science or research skills.

Now is the right time to assess your data strategy and implement the necessary steps to be future proof. If you’re in the market to test new data sources, don’t miss the opportunity to test LivingAds. LivingAds are build in minutes and are compatible with all major DMPs, CDPs, DSPs. Reach out to us and our inhouse experts will help you find the right LivingAd solution.


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