New hires – Welcome Marie & Clare!

Published on
May 25, 2022

Wagawin team welcomes two new Senior Sales Managers in Singapore.

Marie and Clare, our new Senior Sales Managers share much in common. They have both worked in various media and advertising companies in the last decade, and not only this, they’ve been already coworkers before joining Wagawin!

They have witnessed and sailed across the big digital shift from the traditional way of media and advertising together. We are thrilled to see these two team-players collaborate with our clients and innovating the industry further!

Outside the office, Marie is a Lego collector and a foodie. If you are interested in discovering Singaporean foodie sites, text her for recommendations!

And Clare keeps herself busy volunteering with her son during the weekends by taking care of her community. Good for her (and the community) that Wagawin provides at least one Social Volunteering day per year to support volunteer work.

All the best for you, Marie & Clare!

Wagawin ensures the best working environment for all genders, working moms and working dads by seeing everyone as an individual with special needs, wishes and concerns. We truly believe that we can only achieve the very best outcome at work when both your private and your professional life are in a healthy balance.

Does this approach sound appealing to you? Great, take a look at our current openings and reach out to HR or to our Wagawinners to get your immediate verification of our work culture.

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