New hire – Welcome Dominik

Published on
March 14, 2022

We’re stoked that Dominik decided to come back to the Wagawin team. Dominik used to be one of the founding four – one of Wagawin’s founders back in the university days. As our former CTO he was the main pillar of the IT team and a big part of the LivingAd development and success. In May 2021 Dominik left the company to take a break from work life and to reset as well as to focus solely on his family and their newest family member.  This was for us understandably a big loss, Dominik was not just a vital part of the company but a very loved and cherished team member that everyone was always happy to work with.

Fast forward to February 2022 and Dominik has now decided that he is ready to jump back into the work force. Luckily, he concluded that this would be best at Wagawin! With his technical knowhow, an extensive Wagawin history and of course his great personality we couldn’t be more thrilled. Dominik’s new role as IT strategist will play a huge role in shaping Wagawin’s IT future. He will be support the IT department in optimizing its processes, growing the team and reaching its strategic goals.

We’re thankful to have you back and we’re excited to see the progress your new role will bring.

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