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Published on
July 4, 2023

Say goodbye to one-way communication and hello to lasting impressions. 👀

Welcome to our LivingAd format series, where we dive into the fascinating world of interactive and engaging conversational ads. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on the LivingAd Display Tree. Designed like a decision tree, the LivingAd Display Tree offers a unique two-step process that allows users to select options and navigate their way through the ad experience.

Interactive decision-making

The LivingAd Tree format brings interactivity to a whole new level by simulating a decision-making process. Users are presented with two options in the first step, prompting them to choose the path that aligns with their preferences or interests. Based on their selection, they are then presented with another set of options in the next step. This interactive decision-making engages users and empowers them to actively participate in the ad journey, resulting in a more memorable and personalized interaction, which can benefit in the long-run.

Customized end cards

At the end of the user's decision-making journey, the LivingAd Tree can dynamically display four individual end cards or a single generic end card based on the user's choices. These end cards offer tailored content, promotions, or call-to-actions that align with the user's preferences and choices. This level of personalization enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of conversion and/or engagement.

Tracking and custom audience building

One of the significant advantages of the LivingAd Tree is its ability to track user interactions and collect valuable data - even in cookieless environments. Each decision made by the user can be tracked, providing insights into their preferences, behaviors, and decision patterns. This data can be utilized to build custom audiences for further activation, not only on the open internet but also across major digital advertising plattforms, enabling you to target and retarget users who have engaged with the LivingAd. The custom audience(s) built through this format open(s) up opportunities for personalized follow-up campaigns and more refined targeting strategies.

Enhanced user experience

The LivingAd Tree not only offers a unique and engaging ad experience but also ensures a seamless user journey. The intuitive decision-making process, coupled with visually compelling design and communication elements, creates an immersive experience that captures the user's attention and keeps them engaged. By providing users with interactive and personalized content, you can leave a lasting impression, driving better brand recall and affinity.

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