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Published on
August 24, 2023

Capturing emotions and engaging audiences on a deeper level is the ultimate goal. Our LivingAd Video Emotion, an innovative ad format that transforms passive video watching into an interactive and emotionally charged experience. Let's dive into the magic of LivingAd Video Emotion and how it leverages user engagement.

Empowering emotional expression

Imagine watching a video and having the power to express your emotions in real-time. The LivingAd Video Emotion invites users to do just that. As the video unfolds, a row of four customizable emojis appears at the bottom of the screen. These emojis aren't just symbols – they're your direct line to conveying your feelings as the video progresses.

Emojis as your emotive palette

From joy and excitement to curiosity and surprise, emotions are complex and nuanced. The LivingAd Video Emotion understands this diversity. Users can select from a range of emojis that resonate with them, capturing their emotional state at every single moment of the video. With this interactive approach, the experience becomes a meaningful conversation between the content and the viewer.

Connect through shared emotions

At the upper part of the screen, a remarkable insight unfolds. Here, users can observe which emojis are chosen by others, creating a unique communal experience. This real-time display of shared emotions fosters a sense of connection, making the act of watching a video a collective journey.

Tracking the emotional pulse

Every emoji has a story to tell. Trackers can be linked to each emoji, giving advertisers a valuable glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster of the audience. This data unlocks unique insights, helping marketers understand not just what was watched, but how it was felt.

From emotions to action

As the video draws to a close, an end card emerges – a bridge between emotion and action. This end card features a compelling CTA that guides users to the next step. Whether it's a website visit, a subscription, or a purchase, the LivingAd Video Emotion keeps emotions alive while channeling them towards a meaningful outcome.

The LivingAd Video Emotion is more than a format - it's a conversation starter, a data hub, and an emotional connection forged through technology. By blending interactive elements, customizable emojis, shared experiences, and insightful tracking, LivingAd Video Emotion elevates user engagement to new heights.

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