Wagawin announces facelift of its famous display LivingAd Hot Or Not

Published on
September 2, 2022

Since September 1st, Wagawin’s facelifted LivingAd format is released and available for every advertiser worldwide.

“The LivingAd Hot or Not is one of the most popular LivingAds. It has already been displayed on several hundred million mobile devices around the globe. The latest facelift offers brands a variety of additional customization possibilities. Furthermore, we added  improved data- and insight generation. We are convinced that the upgrades we made will lead to even more global brands adding LivingAds to their media plans.” – Nicolas Leonhardt, CEO Wagawin.

But first things first! For those who haven’t heard about it before: What is LivingAd Hot or Not all about?

The logic behind the display LivingAd Hot or Not is similar to the dating app “Tinder”: the user swipes right to signal interest and left to reject, thus revealing their preferences for the display shown. Each interaction (right or left swipe) can be tracked and used to create a custom audience.

At the end, a generic or individual end card is displayed, summing up the person’s interest indicated by the swipes.

What’s new?

What makes this facelift a great benefit for advertisers is not only the uplifted design and enhanced user experience but also the implementation of technical extensions to yield more reliable user insights. It actually takes the generation and collection of user engagement onto the next level by making it even more precise and meaningful. The advertisers’ benefit increases strongly by outcomes in the form of a custom audience or other valuable insights, which directly translate into performance uplifts, thanks to our improved inhouse algorithms and techniques.

On top of the convincing technical improvements, customer experience and usability have also enjoyed an ultimate upscale. Predefined styles from elegant to playful to meet any industry’s needs. A wide selection of customizable properties and a variety of available webfonts match any customer’s CI standards. These and many more features make this version of the LivingAd more user-friendly, more customizable and unique. Like the previous version, it offers plenty of possibilities to personalize the ad experience even within the ad itself by exposing users to the content they previously have shown interest in through their swipe. All in all, the new LivingAd Hot or Not will boost campaign performance significantly through highly professional and versatile ad engagement and reliable user insights.


playful example

brutalist example

elegant example

What’s next?

The facelift of the LivingAd Hot Or Not is just the start of uplifting all our LivingAd formats. Many more will follow, currently we’re working on one of our most popular video formats. Stay tuned!

In the meantime: Reach out to us! We’re happy to create a personalized mockup for you to show you the full potential of our facelifted LivingAd Hot Or Not and other formats. Just drop a line to Kathrin via email at kathrin@wagawin.com or LinkedIn and we’ll be happy to create something special for you.

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