New hire – welcome Linh & Hubert!

Published on
September 14, 2022

In September 2022, Linh joined the Wagawin team as Marketing Manager and Hubert as the Senior Finance & Operations Manager. These two talents are the newest additions to our expanding team.

Linh studied Business Administration in Munich and worked in the field of marketing for over three years. She is a well-travelled wanderer who lived in the USA for five years and enjoys get aways. She is passionate about taking pictures and sharing them with the world through social media. We are excited to see how she will strengthen Wagawin’s presence in the digital advertising market.

Hubert has worked for many years in finance and accounting throughout industries from the tech industry to non-profit and utilities. His specialty lies in efficiency through automation and system implementations. He is well experienced working within intercontinental operations like Wagawin. He is a Registered Certified Public Accountant in the USA – which is a notable credential for finance professionals in the USA. He is a well trained sportsman on land and in the water: he played water polo, ran hurdles and is a triathlete. As a father he strives to teach his strong spirit to his daughter and show her what the world has to offer. Lucky her!

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