Custom LivingAds now available

Published on
July 27, 2023

Today, we are excited to introduce a highly requested addition to our revolutionary technology that takes interactive advertising to new heights - Custom LivingAds. With this game-changing combination, brands can now create individualized solutions tailored to their unique goals and engage their audience like never before.

What’s new?

As with every LivingAd, Custom LivingAds enable a seamless conversation between brands and their audience through interactive elements. While the core essence of engaging user conversations remains intact, the defining distinction lies in the unparalleled flexibility in design.

In addition to countless interaction options that can be used flexibly in terms of placement and quantity, brands have the liberty to unleash their creativity and customize every element as desired - be it text, images, backgrounds, or layouts. This empowers brands to create a more personalized and captivating ad experiences, forging a powerful and lasting impression with the audience.

“Our many years of experience in entering into conversations with target audiences now meets unique creation possibilities. This combination is unique in itself and now enables us to create an individual masterpiece for our customers with every LivingAd.” – Nicolas Leonhardt, CEO & Founder
Custom LivingAds in a nutshell:
  • Eye-catching design
  • Flexible design of individual elements
  • Dynamic adjustment possible
  • Possibility to fill the entire placement in your own design
  • Addition to campaigns to set selective highlights
  • Compatible with standard IAB ad placements
  • Unrestricted in terms of reach

With Custom LivingAds, the advertising landscape transforms into a playground for creativity and innovation. Test it out yourself!

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