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May 20, 2022

Munich, 21/06/2022 – Since Google’s announcement of the deactivation of third-party-cookies in Chrome and the ever louder call for more data protection, everything in digital marketing revolves around one thing: the right content at the right time to the right user – with 100% data protection compliancy.

To fully exploit this potential with LivingAds, Wagawin will be broadening its focus in the future – towards a multi-dimensional technology that enables privacy-compliant user targeting on the Open Web, even without identifiers:


Through user engagement with Wagawin’s LivingAds, users are segmented based on their interests, grouped into an audience and activated with individual content. While LivingAds have been purely cookie or ID-based, Wagawin is now adding a second dimension to its portfolio that works entirely without identifiers and personal data.

Without drawing on personal data, information about user engagement (e.g. location, context, placement) is collected anonymously and transformed into real insights using algorithms developed in-house. This not only enables data protection-compliant activation via contextual targeting, but also more precise, faster and more comprehensive insights. Due to the interactive character of LivingAds and the resulting data uplift even before the first click, LivingAds not only contributes to data protection-compliant user targeting but also minimizes spreading losses in a shorter time. LivingAds thus make media buying even more efficient and targeted.

Wagawin’s CTO Christian Buchmayr comments: “Within the last few years, we saw lots of changes in the online marketing world – especially when it comes to programmatic buying and the lawful collection of consent to provide personalized advertisement to users. Announcements from Google regarding third-party-cookies and the EU authorities challenging the TCF framework provided by IAB are causing concern and reluctance among advertisers and agencies alike to work with user-personalized strategies. This has given rise to a lot of solutions that group under the label of “cookieless”, from which some are suffering the same legal challenges and uncertainties as the old system of cookies did. To help overcome these challenges, we, a German-based company, have developed a new solution that will help bring trust back into the marketing world by providing a solution that works without cookies and doesn’t require consent from the user to improve the performance of campaigns. This solution targets advertisers and agencies looking for futureproof products that help them achieve great performance in a way that ensures data privacy.”

The marketing industry has a long way to go when it comes to the future of cookies and the processing of personal data using identifiers. With this portfolio expansion, Wagawin is taking a decisive step in data protection and thus also enables advertisers to use LivingAds who already completely dispense with identifiers today. However, it is still possible to use LivingAds based on identifiers. Advertisers are free to decide to what extent and in which way LivingAds best fit their own strategy. In the end, it’s up to the company itself to choose which method fits best into their own tech stack and media strategy.

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About Wagawin
We get mobile users to engage with ads on the open internet, allowing us to deliver outstanding campaign results for our global client base. To do this, we build recognizable engagement elements into existing mobile display and video ads. On average, 2.5% of users engage with advertising content using our proprietary LivingAd-technology. We exceed campaign metrics and deliver improved performance as every engagement is processed by our algorithms in real-time and in compliance with data protection laws, enabling us to optimize campaigns on the fly with live campaign performance data. In short, we unlock actionable audience data from mobile ads, which helps boost campaign performance.

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