Mobile marketing potential in the gaming industry

Based on techcrunch 08/22

Global gaming market

The global gaming market is estimated to be worth $ 152 billion by the end of this year. 45 % of this revenue – $68,5 billion – is coming from mobile games. This is a 10.2 % YoY growth and with it comes a flurry of investments and acquisitions. The global gaming industry has seen $ 9.6 billion in investments in the last couple of months and the prediction is that the investment value from 2018 and 2019 will be higher than the eight previous years combined.

Mobile Gaming

33% of all app downloads are mobile games, with an outsized 74% of consumer spend on mobiles being in-app of these games. The forecast for 2019 is that 2.4 billon people will play mobile games around the world which equals one-third of the global population. With 50% of mobile app users playing games it makes this app category as prevalent as Spotify or Apple Music, and the second most popular after social media. In the U.S., time spent on mobile devices has officially outpaced that of television  — with users spending eight more minutes per day on their mobile devices, with the predication to increase to more than 30 minutes. Surprising for some is the average age of a mobile gamer: The age increased from 27.7 in 2014 to 36.3 in 2019 and one-third of all gamers are between the ages of 36-50. The gender split is interesting as well, 51% female and 49% male.

Investments and Revenue

Those changes in the mobile ecosystem are the reason why the gaming spaces are getting increased attention and investment, even from traditional markets and governments. With the huge amounts of revenues being generated, it is no surprise. For example, Pokémon Go has generated $2.3 billion in revenue since being launched and Fortnite has amassed 250 million players. Even traditional financial institutions like equity firms and VCs are paying attention and are now looking at options to invest within the gaming industry. Goldman Sachs´ invested $200 million into the gaming studio Voodoo.

Government influence

Even the government wants to be part of the gaming industry. The government in Germany has allocated 50 Million Euro of the 2019 budget for the creation of a games fund. Sweden has a public-private partnership called Game Arena that helps students develop games using government funded offices and equipment. The sudden uptick in interest governments are paying to the game space indicates just how exciting and lucrative gaming has become.

The global games industry is
projected to be worth a quarter trillion dollars by 2023, which should surprise
no one that global players worldwide have finally realized its true potential.

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