LivingAds explained – Part V LivingAd Video Chat

If you read our blog regularly you might have realized, we took a little break so you could digest all the new formats we´ve introduced to you so far. Do you know which one is missing? If you´re a long time Wagawin follower, you for sure have heard and seen our now famous video emotion. It is a very popular and fun format that is loved by many customers. 

The LivingAd video emotion is like all of our formats in that it’s interactive and invites users to engage with the ad directly. In this format the customer communication happens via emojis, a popular and playful approach. 

While the video ad is shown, four emojis appear on the lower screen. The emoticons are not preset and can be personalized. From classic options like the thumps up and down, to hearts or your own company logo, the possibilities are plenty and up to your own creativity. Users can rate every single moment and choose the emoji that best describes their feelings. On the upper part of the screen the user sees which emojis have been used by other customers. Trackers can be stored behind each emoticon which enables exact measurement when a user has selected a particular emoji. This first-party audience data belongs only to the brand and can be used cross-channel to uplift other marketing activities. 

At the end of the video an end card is displayed with the product offer and a link to the respective landing page. The video can be viewed in two different modi – Full View Mode and Branded Frame Mode. In Branded Frame Mode the video is smaller and an image with the customer’s CI is visible behind the emojis. Like all other LivingAd formats, most common mobile banner placements are possible, and we support various platform trackers.  

If you haven´t tried the LivingAd video emotion do not wait any longer. Avail of our short time offer for new customers an receive 20% off your first order. Start communicating with your customer and collect unique first party audience data today.