LivingAds explained – Part IV LivingAd Chat

This week we analyze one our latest additions to the LivingAd family – LivingAd Chat. The chat is not just a new LivingAd but also a completely unique format to collect first party data. 

The chat simulates the classic chat function amongst customers and brands. But instead of a keyboard, the consumer has the choice between three predefined answer options. This enables the brand to choose what should be presented and narrows down the customer preferences. Each text box is a module and can be individually created and linked. Whenever the consumer chooses an answer, it leads to another module or the brand`s landing page and the brand module boxes can either be filled with text or video/display ads.  

While the customer can choose their next answer box, writing bubbles pop up. Just like a regular text conversation, it indicates that the other person is writing their answer. Instead of a classic end card the last module can be CTA, an offer or whatever else works for the brands communication.  

The chat is like other Wagawin LivingAds in that it is a format that enables brands to collect first-party audience data and supports a better costumer brand relationship. Each module chosen by the user indicates unique interests and preferences. It is possible to measure exactly which answer the user prefers in a particular moduleThis helps to customize the perfect offer and brand response. 

Like all other LivingAd formats, most common mobile banner placements are possible, and we support various platform trackersThe chat is, despite its complexity, very easy to understand and built in just a couple of clicks. We offer a wide range of various customization and branding options and are always happy to hear your feedback to our LivingAd formats. 

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