LivingAds explained – Part III Hot or Not

It´s time for another deep dive into one of our LivingAds. We obviously don´t play favorites but if we did, the Hot or Not would be a contender.

The concept behind the Hot or Not is simple to understand, it grabs attention and invites the user to interact. Similar to the popular dating app “Tinder” where a swipe to the right indicates interest and a left swipe rejection, the format wants the user to choose their preferences.

The customer has the option to either swipe through different ad banners or go immediately to the landing page. This format offers a wide range of different customizations, from various ad banners, to personalized end cards and even the main indicators (Hot and Not) can be freely chosen. Our clients have been quite creative in the past and we´ve seen thumbs up and downs or the colloquial yes and no. Whatever works best for your target group is the way to go. Each interaction (right or left swipe) can be tracked and used to build the right offer. The end card can either be generic or individual, depending on the effected swipes. Just like in the dating world the consumer communicates their preferences and interests and receives a fitting offer in the end.

The advantages are straightforward: Through the use of first-party audience data you can turn your customers into a long-term brand follower whilst knowing what they want and look for. As with all our formats, the most common mobile banner placements are possible, and we support various platform trackers. The Hot or Not is literally built in minutes, you can use your existing brand material, create new banners or if you need support holler at us! Our competent team is ready to assist you and help make your next LivingAd campaign a success.