Is our Video Emotion positioning biased?

As a Wagawin customer you probably know the very popular LivingAd format “Video Emotion”. Have your ever wondered if people only click on a specific emoticon because it´s the closest to the users’ finger and therefore the easiest to touch? If yes, then you´re not alone!

In the last couple of weeks and months, several advertisers reached out to us to discuss the question of “position bias” with the arrangement of emojis in the video emotion. Is the user really paying attention what emoji he chooses, or is the far-right one just the easiest to reach? We decided to end this debate once and for all and have started a test. The test was composed of two identical “Video Emotion”, with two versions of emoticon positioning. In Version A the “thumbs up” is in the far-right position and in Version B the “thumps up” is in the far-left position.

Both versions were sent out at random to a focus group of similar users in a classic A/B Test setup. The time-frame for this test was roughly two weeks (November 3rd till November 28th) and all users were based in Germany. The final result showed a similar engagement for the referred emoji.

This shows us that users had analyzed the given emojis and decided which one they wanted to click, which in turn leads to precise data generation.