CASE STUDY – foodpanda

foodpanda Video Emotion Philippines


foodpanda is a food delivery service available in 11 countries and over 200 cities, the majority of which are in Asia, but is also available in some European countries. Most know them for their signature pink delivery bikes and staff uniforms. foodpanda’s goal is to not just deliver food but to provide an experience, which is why a close connection with chefs and restaurants is essential to their core competence of developing menus for all occasions in life. The video spot in this campaign portraits a young mother trying to teach her infant the word “Mama”. While the mother is out shopping for groceries, the baby is alone with the father and learns “Dada” instead. The spot emphasizes not missing out on the great moments in life and ordering the food you love with foodpanda.

The goal of the campaign for foodpanda Philippines was increased user engagement as well as to drive brand awareness. To improve their future campaigns even further, user segments were created, and audience data collected.


Together with Wagawin foodpanda chose the LivingAd format Video Emotion, a highly appealing format that invites consumers to engage with the video. Users interact with the ad by choosing easily accessible emoticons located in the bottom of the video. In this case the four displayed emoticons were: a big smiley, heart, thumbs up and thumps down. The thumps up emoji was most used and overall an overwhelming positive reaction was achieved across all emojis.

The collected data gave better insights into the selected target groups of females between 18-34 years and between 35 – 45 years versus males 18 – 34 years and between 35 -45 years. The best results were achieved by females between 18 – 34 years, followed by male 18 – 34 years, which implies that a younger audience was more active or felt more spoken to. Furthermore, user segments were built which consisted of three groups: users who chose a positive emoji, users who chose a negative emoji, and users who clicked through to the landing page. These segments can be used for further campaigns to re-approach interested consumers, build lookalikes, mobile websites, Apps and also for cross device usage.