With our technology you gain access to a global network of advertisers. We work directly, programmatic and through advertising networks with advertisers all around the globe. Our in-house algorithm handles the complete mediation of all our ad sources for your app or mobile website, providing you the highest possible eCPM of the mobile industry. Furthermore, we are able to provide a fillrate of up to 100%.

1 Wagawin Direct Sales

Our sales team acquires high-quality campaigns for your app and mobile website. These premium campaigns can only be booked at Wagawin which are essential to achieve the highest possible eCPM for you.

2 Wagawin Programmatic

Wagawin sells your inventory programmatically for the best price. We work together with all leading DSPs and SSPs, thus enabling
advertisers to place living ads in real-time in your mobile game.

3 Wagawin Performance

The higher conversion of our formats ensures increasing revenues in your app or on your mobile website. Moreover, performance-based campaigns are important to reach a high fillrate. For this purpose, we cooperate with the biggest mobile ad-networks on every continent.

Get the Living Ads!

If you have any questions about the integration, please send us a message. Our publisher support will be glad to assist you.

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