Wagawin gives you access to a global network of countless apps and mobile websites. Together we find the right users for you and raise their awareness for your product.

Living Ad Formats

Wagawin Video Ads

We developed a video technology that transforms existing video ads in real-time into an entertaining experience. Before or during the video ad, the user is asked to interact. Thus, we use the users attention and extend it to the ad. This demonstrably leads to a significant increase in ad performance.

  • Increased willingness to consume ads
  • Increased duration of visibility
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased click- and conversion-rates

Wagawin Display Ads

Wagawin is the sole provider of scaleable interactive display ads. Due to the high interaction with the ad content, these formats even exceed common market video formats.

  • Only a fraction of loading time compared to video formats
  • Outstanding interaction with ads
  • Maximum visibility through full-screen placement
  • Increased click- and conversion-rates

Advertising Environment

The global access to the web through mobile devices has already overtaken desktop. Mobile isn’t just another media channel. Nowadays, mobile is one of the most promising ways of gaining new clients. For consumers it’s the most important screen in their lives. Our technology offers unique possibilities to unleash the full potential of this magnificent market.

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