Who uses LivingAds?

Our clients are well-known agencies as well as globally successful B2C brands. Ideally they are active CDP and DMP users, but this is not a requirement.

Size of customer base: Mass market

Organizational level: Data-driven marketing team, high campaign frequency

Geography: Worldwide possible

Tech stack: Ideally active usage of DMP

Industry: B2C, mass market products and services, e.g., Food & Beverage, FMCG, Telecommunications, Insurances & Banks, Tourism, Automotive

Marketing strategy: Focus on digital

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The major benefits of livingAds

By adding features known from the daily mobile usage to mobile ads, LivingAds ensure above-average user interaction.

It has never been this easy to interact with your audience

What our customers say

We are extremely delighted about our recent partnership through Havas with Wagawin on Unlimited YouTube Campaign. As a highly innovative company, Havas and Wagawin were the perfect partners for us being the first in the market to test LivingAds technology in Indonesia. We are very happy about the results since we managed to double the ROI and it also allowed us to gather valuable insights about Indosat target audience and strategically delivered customer delight. We look forward to building a long-lasting partnership.

The playable voting-approach of this new ad format surprises the user and significantly increases his awareness for the McDonald’s offers

We have had a wonderful experience working with Team Wagawin, their response time is very quick, in terms of support both from a creative, media buying and reporting aspect they can tailor and customize to our clientele irrespective of the different verticals. 1st year of operations in Indonesia they managed to enter award submissions for MMA Indonesia and were shortlisted amongst all the seasoned players. That speaks volumes about the potential they have to reach in the years to come. We wish you the very best for the future and look forward to working in closer collaboration.