One single interaction opens dozens of possibilities


Reach your target audience with LivingAds in mobile apps and websites on the open web and collect 1st-party audience data through interaction.


Activate 1st-party audience data throughout all digital customer touchpoints whenever your target audience appears there and boost your results with personalized messages.

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Activate LivingAd data on your digital platforms

Social Media Example

  • Paul is on the way to work reading the daily news on his mobile phone.

  • While reading the latest New York Times article a McDonald´s ad appears in his feed. It´s a Wagawin Hot or Not! He swipes right to indicate his favorite burger.

  • During his lunch break Paul opens Instagram to see his friend´s latest updates.

  • While scrolling through his Instagram feed another McDonald´s ad pops up. The ad promotes Paul´s favorite burger with a special offer just for him.

e-commerce Example 

  • Anna is at the hair salon to get her hair done. While waiting she reads the latest Vogue on her mobile phone.

  • A LivingAd appears in the article promoting her favorite shoe brand. Anna interacts with the ad and shows her interest in the brands high heels.

  • Later on Anna works from home and browses some e-commerce sites.

  • While browsing the site a banner ad appears with an offer for the high heels Anna was interested in earlier. Since she is already in shopping mood, Anna adds the shoes and checks out.