Our story

  • 2012


    We´re not sure if Nico and Andi plotted their big business plan in the sandbox, but what we do know is that their friendship started there. It all began with an eager Nico in marketing class who came up with the idea and a supportive Andi who jumped on. Along the way they realized they also needed, in addition to their creative and finance savvy brains, some IT prowess. That´s when Dominik and Chris became part of the gang and from there was no stopping them. While they all continued to finish their specific degrees, the idea remained a side hustle – albeit a very successful one.

  • 2014


    Now we struggle to imagine a desktop version, but exactly that was the case between 2012 – 2014. Users interacted in a playful way with advertisements and received rewards as an incentive. And guess what, that´s where the name was born: WATCH – GAMBLE – WIN, or as we know it: Wagawin. 2014 was the year where the dinosaur aka desktop version converted to an App based model. With this big step came also some financial support in the form of their first investor.


  • 2017

    Opening of the Singapore office

  • 2017


    Remaining curious and always looking for ways to improve, our founders realized there was much more untapped potential for their product. Did we say they are genius? In 2017 the performance of the ad technology was continuously outstanding, so the next step was a no-brainer: Tweak the technology and make it compatible across all mobile websites and apps! And that´s where we are right now – Living and selling our unique technology called LivingAds that engages the consumer within mobile advertisements. We are looking forward to a bright future were LivingAds will be a global household name.


  • 2019

    New LivingAd Manager platform

    The new LivingAd Manager platform enables our customers to create their own LivingAds in no time and minimal effort

  • 2019

    We aim to offer our advertisers the most convenient way to access and own first-party audience data with our LivingAds



Nicolas Leonhardt
Founder / CEO
Andreas Merold
Founder / CFO
Christian Buchmayr
Founder / CPO
Dominik Hagl
Founder / CTO


Delyana Stoyanova
VP Engineering
Thien Nguyen Phong
Senior Frontend Developer
Moritz Mester
Senior Software Developer
Viktor Daróczi
Senior Software Developer
Alice De Ghetto
Ad Operations Manager
Andreas Freyburger
Senior AdOperations Manager
Paula Baran
Senior Account Manager
Kathrin Ostermeir
Senior Account Manager
Miriam Riordan
Marketing Director
Franziska Luise Maitschke
Office Manager
Annalisa Rauccio
Payroll Manager
Linda Mock
HR Director
Antonia Peyret
Lead Account Manager Asia
Clement Simonneau
Managing Director ASIA
Franziska Paulus-Förderer
Senior Sales Manager
Sebastian Ohle
Head of Business Development Europe
Ricardo Torrres
Senior DevOps Engineer

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