In today’s digital landscape where personalized customer experiences are more and more important, brands and media agencies require the highest quality first party audience data. Every prospective customer now needs to be individually engaged for brands to remain at the forefront of their field. With our LivingAd-Technology, Wagawin is leading the way in supplying this vital, ever growing need.

By engaging the audience directly on their mobile devices and unlocking their personal preferences in real time, our LivingAds gather at least 5 times more unique datapoints than traditional marketing technologies. Hence, we can gain audience insights at scale, without relying on clicks.

With these tailored, proprietary datasets, our clients have a competitive edge by being able to highly personalize their customer journeys, leading to a sizable performance uplift during their marketing activities.

At Wagawin we take data transparency very seriously, meaning collected audience data belongs only to the customer and can be used for multiple mediums far beyond mobile.


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