We believe that the marketers and media agencies of tomorrow will live or die by the quality of their audience insights, as these insights will lie at the very heart of every business decision. Trying to compete without a comprehensive data strategy results in insufficient insights, wasted marketing budgets, and irrelevant content. Marketers and media agencies must run on data — not gut instinct.

We’ve developed LivingAds to meet this vital need. LivingAds systematically collect unique user insights during the user’s consumption of mobile ads. LivingAds are an exclusive gateway to a previously inaccessible source of first-party data — data which empowers marketers and media agencies to significantly grow and refine their audience insights. For those who already employ a data-driven strategy, LivingAds invariably deliver a massive, positive impact to their businesses. In effect, LivingsAds support marketers and media agencies by increasing their marketing ROI, expanding their library of unique audience insights, or optimizing their entire digital customer journey.

Our LivingAds take mobile marketing to the next level; they take countless disparate user interactions and weave them into a comprehensible tapestry of behavioral patterns. With our unparalleled mobile ad formats, Wagawin begins where others end.

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