is to identify and activate audiences with the highest affinity
to the brand, product or service, generating impressive results.

We revolutionize the digital advertising market

Since 2017, our audience engagement technology for the open internet called “LivingAds” gets users to engage with mobile ads, allowing us to identify and activate audiences with the highest affinity to the brand, product or service, generating impressive results for our global customer base. Our customer portfolio entails national and international brands and media agencies, whom we successfully support in leveraging their business.

Some Wagafacts

Locations (Munich, Singapore & Miami)
Wagawinners around the globe
Happy national & international customers
> 500000000
People reached with LivingAds across 20+ countries

How LivingAds were born

From a random side hustle to an internationally operating successful tech company


The initial idea was born at the university in a marketing class and had barely anything in common with what we do today. Along the way Nico and Andi realized they also needed some IT prowess next to their creative and finance savvy brains. That’s when Dominik and Chris became part of the gang. While they all continued to finish their specific degrees, the idea remained a side hustle – albeit a very successful one.

Users interacted in a playful way with advertisements and received rewards as an incentive. And that’s when the name was born: WATCH – GAMBLE – WIN, or as we know it: Wagawin. 2014 was the year in which the dinosaur aka the desktop version converted to an app based model. Additionally to this huge step, financial support came along in form of our 1st investor.

And it doesn’t stop here: We wanted to tweak the technology and make it compatible across all apps! That’s why we launched our own SDK (software development kit) in 2016, giving app publishers the possibility to benefit from simple but highly interactive ad formats. This was also the birth of what we know today as LivingAds – engaging users within mobile advertisements. After much trial and error, we came up with a way to beautifully integrate LivingAds into programmatic ad buying. This made it possible to use LivingAds on all the relevant DSPs (demand side platform).

2014 – 2017



The most important part – the secret sauce – was only discovered in 2019. Up to this point, engagements were used to solely generate awareness. Awareness is nice to have, but the real must have is direct user feedback in form of conversation. Every LivingAd engagement is translated into direct user feedback and therefore becomes immensely valuable. We give brands sovereignty over user feedback, which they can use to address potential customers in a personalized way on all relevant digital platforms.

We continued to grow year over year. Though, like almost every company around the globe, the global pandemic also affected us. Reduced marketing budgets everywhere forced us to focus on the essentials – Learned behaviour, ease of use and data access. Despite some sleepless nights, we were still able to continue growing trajectory through 2020.



Our focus on the essentials was definitely paying off. In 2021, we were able to grow massively, and our customer portfolio expanded enormously as well. We were even able to secure institutional funding for the 1st time in Wagawin's history by Pride Capital Partners – what a success in 2022!

Meet the management

Nicolas Leonhardt
Founder / CEO
Andreas Merold
Founder / COO
Christian Buchmayr
Founder / CTO
André Mendo
General Manager Europe
Clément Simonneau
General Manager Asia

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