Precision Marketing and its role in the Asia Pacific region

The most important part to start off with: There is opportunity for growth.

The information in this article is based on a Nielsen survey from 2018 – 2019 with 81 involved advertisers from 15 participating APAC countries.

less than 14 % of advertiser marketing budgets in the region are being allocated
to precision marketing. The top applications at the moment include
understanding the consumer journey more clearly, enabling personalized
communications and profiling consumers. These areas feel more like the beginner
applications within the field.

the Director of Brand Experience at Johnson & Johnson APAC, Akshay Trivedi
notes: “The biggest opportunity within precision marketing is for us to use
data to construct high value audience for media targeting and optimization that
drives improved ROI. We need external partners to help normalize and
standardize their resources into our precision planning process (data,
technology, measurement, inventory, and workshops).”

is a very common understanding of precision marketing as most see it as a
growth driver, but only a few believe that they have the tools and resources to
be successful at it yet. Even fewer people still think that their company is
investing enough in this area.

The silver lining is that most advertisers believe that more could be done, and that precision marketing is reshaping marketing as we know it.

is especially needed in topics like a well thought through data strategy,
applications for ROI measurements, predictive analysis and forecasting. This is
a big opportunity for analytic partners and data suppliers, as having access to
reliable data and an ongoing view of how these efforts drive ROI will be the

main factors will help accelerate the progress for precision marketing in APAC:

technology, data and analytic partners play an enabling role; The more everyone
understands the space, the more evangelizing and investment it will attract, or
as Kartik Khare, Global Brand Director at Unilever puts it: “The biggest
opportunity in precision marketing is ongoing improvement”

In the Asia Pacific region, the DMP opportunity still has a long way to go. Only in the last 3-5 years have some of the more progressive advertisers experimented with this technology, many in part due to their experiences in Western markets. While advertisers find that technology is critical to the success of precision marketing in the region, only some acknowledge that they fully understand it, few believe DMP’s work, and even fewer still are currently invested in this space.

contributes to some of the reason as to why precision marketing is under
invested in the region. Other considerations are: the absence of a strong
expert ecosystem, unreliable, inadequate or expensive data and furthermore the
limited amount of success stories. Unfortunately, the first attempts by early
adopters led to some initial failures which has made others more nervous to

Looking at the numbers, the most important factors for advertisers are analytics and data science prowess (59%), servicing support grounded in a strong understanding of the digital space (54%), ease of implementation (46%), ability to demonstrate ROI (46%) and affordability (41%). To take note of this top-5 list will help drive a much-needed resurgence for this technology in the region.  

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