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The audience engagement technology for
the open internet

Making conversational advertising the gold standard

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Trusted by the best brands and agencies around the globe

A global advertising phenomenon called LivingAds

We identify and activate
audiences with the highest affinity

It is known that monologues rarely create lasting (ad-)impressions. However, digital advertising still broadly relies on one-way communication, especially on the open internet. Is an ad impression bang on target just because it was viewable? Or because it generated a click?
We believe these metrics neglect what really counts: the thoughts, interests and preferences of those who see the ad. That is why we invented LivingAds - the world’s leading audience engagement technology for the open internet. We enable brands to enter into meaningful conversations with billions of people - directly on their mobile device.

Get the most out of your marketing budget

Let users engage with LivingAds to identify user groups as well as individual users with the highest affinity to your brand, product or service.


Gain competitive advantage through conversation

Unlock valuable real-time audience insights and data you can't get anywhere else and build custom audiences even in cookieless environments.

Generate impressive results cross-channel

Target user groups and individual users with the highest affinity not only on the open internet but also across all relevant digital advertising platforms.

The LivingAd technology in a nutshell

LivingAds enable users to engage and respond directly to video- and display-ads by using communication elements known from day to day smartphone usage.

Conversations on the open internet
through LivingAds

unlocking audience insights
you can’t get anywhere else

Audience Profile
New York
20-29 y
30-39 y
40-49 y
50-60 y
>60 y
Where do you want to go next?
wagawin livingad beach
wagawin livingad jungle
Yor favorite activity?
wagawin livingad pool
wagawin livingad travel
Where do you want to go next?
wagawin livingad tree endcard big
wagawin livingad hot or not
wagawin livingad emotion
wagawin livingad chat
wagawin livingad rating
wagawin livingad poll
wagawin livingad poll 2
wagawin livingad baromter 2
wagawin livingad 4
wagawin livingad card 5
Action vacation
wagawin livingad travel card
Beach hotel
wagawin livingad endacrd
Wellness hotel

Conversations on the open internet through LivingAds

unlocking audience insights you can't get anywhere else!

For impressive results
across all major digital platforms!

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Our biggest goal: happy customers!

Let’s hear what some of our customers say about us

Running a campaign programmatically for the first time with LivingAds, resulted in immediate uplifts, not only in engagement but also in conversion metrics. We choose Wagawin as our partner as they deliver the utmost quality in collecting audiences while maintaining effortless communication.

Philip Sotto

Precision Planning Manager - L'Oréal PPD, Wavemaker

Working with Wagawin long-term enables us to achieve impressive results with innovative ad formats. We especially value the flexibility in campaign planning and on top of that, expert advice and fast responsiveness.

Annika Köhne

Account Management - Programmatic Advertising

We are extremely delighted about our partnership with Wagawin. They have been the perfect partners for us being the first in the market to test new initiatives and scaling our campaigns across Grab SEA.

Asha Gourinath

Head Of Growth Capabilities & Digital Marketing for SEA

Trusted by the best brands and agencies around the globe

The right solution for every target

Choose from 8 different types of LivingAds to unlock actionable real-time audience data and insights through conversations.

Custom LivingAds available from summer 2023

Swiping isn‘t just for dating

Your product and service have so much to offer. But what exactly does your audience really like? Let them swipe right or left and find out!

Get feedback on up to four messages within one ad impression

Personalize follow-up questions according to previously given answers

Deliver up to 5 different brand messages by customizing the endcards based on audience interests

Voting isn‘t just for Insta stories

Stop assuming what your audience might be interested in.

Realize a 4-dimensional segmentation of your audience

Deliver up to 5 different brand messages by customizing the endcards based on audience interests

No digital conversations without emoticons

Time to add a little human touch to your video ads. Offer your audience the chance to feedback on your video by using emoticons.

Customize your ad by using up to 4 individual emoticons

Strengthen the look & feel of your ad by adding a branded frame around your video

Increase reach by adding a WhatsApp-Share-Button

Sharing feedback online is tempting

Get to know your audience by creating appealing surveys and figure out their real preferences.

Let your audience choose between up to four answer possibilities

Simply share your existing video creatives with us and you’re almost good to go

Show different endcards depending on how your audience replies

It‘s kind of like „Who wants to be a millionaire?“

Quizzes are engaging and fun! Invite your audience to engage with this LivingAd and enhance your mobile ad experience.

Educate your audience by letting them know whether they are right or wrong

Instream or outstream? Both, because we don‘t want to limit your reach

Make use of different endcard-features such as Facebook-Share

The easiest way to get audience feedback

One of the simplest tools for immediate audience feedback! This feature represents the idea behind every LivingAd in its purest way.

Place the rating sticker wherever you want it to be seen on your ad

Customize the rating sticker to make sure it aligns with the look and feel of the creative

Campaign realization done in no time due to the nature of this ad

Dragging the icon to the right is fun

Your products and services are amazing! But does your audience agree? Find it out by adding the barometer to your creatives!

Get quick feedback via this low barrier interaction element mainly known from Instagram

Zero additional creative support needed to get this LivingAd live

Almost all common ad spaces supported

Show me someone not using a chat app

Use it to chat with your audience on their mobile devices across the whole open internet. The only thing that brings you closer is a face-to-face meeting!

Lead the conversation into a specified direction using predefined questions and answers

Use display- and video-creatives as well as GIFs to best showcase your product or service

Customize the chat history according to the answers you receive from your audience

Bring your own ideas to life!

Get ready to transform your advertising experience with fully customizable LivingAds launching summer 2023!

Eye-catching design

Flexible design of individual elements

Dynamic adjustment possible

Possibility to fill the entire placement in your own design

Insights you can't get anywhere else!

Talk to our experts and learn how you can benefit from LivingAds!

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Talk to our experts and learn how to benefit from LivingAds!

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